Encourage and Cultivate Engagement

Our customizable platform allows you as a mindfulness or wellbeing researcher, coach or program facilitator to deliver your unique content to engage participants during their everyday life.

Our app allows you to be with your participants everyday – imagine how you could support your community through a supplementary app that helps them practice the skills you teach.

Training is more than just conveying information. it is about implementation. it is about building habits and successful practices. you can now do that with your app.


Create Your Own App

Make your ideas a reality by designing your own app program with easy drag and drop functionality on our platform

  • upload your specific practices (meditations, audio or video content, etc.)
  • create surveys and metrics
  • add interesting articles

…as you create your program, the path for your clients appears instantly in your app


Engage: expand your impact

Once your program is created,  your users are able to:

  • follow a guided path customized just for them by you
  • access favorite practices anywhere
  • reach out for support when they need it




Give Support

Everyday, you are able to:

  • track their progress and engagement over time including listening statistics and overviews of community trends through our coach view
  • enable optional data confidentiality if you’d like to keep individuals information private
  • understand how your program is being used and use the feedback to only make it better


Work with Us

Our commitment lies primarily with finding the right partners


access to your program
through the “enliven” mobile app

50 users included

premium (white label)

access to your program in your own,
customized app with your branding

up to 5,000 users included


are you ready?